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 Georgetown Calligraphy

Making time for joyful expression

Georgetown Calligraphy was born in the streets of the historic Georgetown neighborhood when a Tampa native with a background in calligraphy met the endearing and timeless Just Paper and Tea store. Struck by the store's charm, founder Logan Kant decided to create a place where people could come together to explore the elegant art of beautiful writing that is calligraphy in a relaxed, authentic setting. Shortly thereafter, Georgetown Calligraphy LLC was formed. Today, Georgetown Calligraphy creates custom calligraphy and aims to equip its students with the skills and supplies to make their own beautiful writing.

(while having a good bit of fun along the way!)



What we believe in 



Creating beautiful lettering with calligraphy requires authentic, quality materials and instruction that doesn't cut corners. We want to make sure that all of our students and customers only come into contact with the best, most genuine materials and instruction: so we pay close attention to the entire learning process and give our students the same inks, paper, and nibs that we work with ourselves.  Attention to detail is important, and an authentic experience is the beautiful outcome of dedication to these details at every level.


A Relaxed Environment

Georgetown Calligraphy should provide a place where everyone feels welcome to express themselves, and this is only possible in a laid-back, judgment-free, relaxed environment. Calligraphy should be fun! We believe that when the right environment is cultivated, calligraphy can become a kind of meditation. We want our classes to provide a setting in which every student can benefit from this wonderful power so that learning calligraphy can be both social and calming. 


Chic Classes

Calligraphy comes from a rich historical tradition of thousands of years, and respecting this heritage while being a part of the continued carrying of the art into the modern age is at the center of our mission. Calligraphy is relevant! We want to share the amazing innovations, modern stylings, and chic applications that so many modern calligraphers around the world have been creating with our students. Calligraphy shouldn't feel stiff and rigid, but full of life, freedom, and expressivity for everyone who wants to pick it up today.


Exploratory Learning

All of our classes are taught for the benefit of our students, and we believe their input should drive the direction of every class. We want to teach you what you want to learn! After laying a solid foundation for students with the fundamentals necessary for all calligraphy, we want students to help shape the direction of classes to fit their curiosities. We think our role should be more tour guide than lecturer, and by letting students input some of their favorite destinations along the calligraphy tour, we hope everyone can walk away from each class with a sense of excitement and fulfillment. 

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