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Meet the Teacher

Georgetown Calligraphy partners with Just Paper and Tea, forming a team dedicated to procuring entertaining classes, meaningful interactions, and high-quality analog goods for our community.

Logan Kant

Creative Director, Instructor

Hi! My name is Logan Kant, I'm a student at Georgetown University, and I'm here to teach you calligraphy. I fell in love with the art of beautiful writing six years ago, prompting me to join the lovely folks at The Paper Seahorse studio in my hometown of Tampa (you should check them out sometime, they're really cool). Today I want to share that love as well as the peace and joy that can come from watching ink form art as it flows across the page. I hope to see you sometime in the studio :)


The Mission

We want to share the beautiful writing that is calligraphy with the world! And it is our belief that one of the best ways to do that is to teach it to as many people as possible in a way that is inviting, fun, and easy to access. That way everyone can experience the wonderful benefits of learning calligraphy as a hobby, art, medium of expression, and form of meditation while having a great time along the way. 

Georgetown Calligraphy is proud to be presented by Just Paper and Tea - an iconic store in the heart of the Georgetown Neighborhood.  Just paper and Tea is highly  aligned with our vision, offering superb quality stationery products and a truly personal, one of a kind wedding planning service, and we think the Just Paper and Tea studio offers a perfect environment for our classes. 

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